In our previous teaser post we talked about Magic and Mana. Today we're going to get into earth magic specifically. Earth Magic is one of the five elemental magics in the Noble Mages verse, the others being Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Of the five elements, Earth is the most stable. People who are born with Earth Magic tend to be more grounded and reliable.

Earth magic is divided into three subbranches of magic: Geokinesis, Leafspeak, and Metallokinesis.

Geokinesis is the ability to manipulate the earth. When used in combat, Geokinesis spells are the most common spell type among earth magic users. It allows for direct manipulation of the ground beneath the enemy, which throws the enemy of balance and, in some cases, can be used to bury the enemy alive. It's also used to create an elemental weapon. Hammers and blunt weapons are the most common form of elemental earth weapons. While commonly used for battle, Geokinesis is also used for construction. It can easily construct a three-story building on its own, but larger buildings, such as the 30 story tower of Hotarishu, require a more sturdy frame.

Leafspeak is the ability to manipulate plant life. Used most commonly in farming, a properly managed farm can grow as many 3 full-yield crops between first planting in spring and final harvest in early fall. There are many dangerous plants in the world and these plants can be used with leafspeak magic to create deadly weapons on the battlefield. Just one such plant is the Groping Vines from the jungles of Sanatin, they grow continuously until their death and have thorns large enough to slice a man to ribbons.

Metallokinesis is the ability to manipulate metal. Metallokinesis is most often used in mining, allowing the mage to draw even trace elements of metals from the ground. It's also commonly used by artisans to craft intricate statues and by smiths in their forges. While uncommon on the battlefield, it serves to perform sneak attacks and distractions, but little else.

Keep an eye out for more teaser posts and the release of The Life Mage Trilogy, Book 1: Twin Mages on February 8th 2020.