Previously, in the Noble Mages Teaser series, we learned about Earth Magic and it's many uses. Today we're going to learn about Water Magic. Water Magic is one of 5 elemental magics in the Noble Mages verse, the others being Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Of the elements, Water tends to be the more versatile element. People who are born with water magic tend to be creative and know how to roll with the punches.

Water Magic is divided into three subbranches of magic: Hydrokinesis, Healing, and Blood.

Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water. It's the branch of magic used most in combat by Water Mages due to it's versatility. Water mages will usually carry water with them at all times in a container on their wastes, but soldiers using water magic will carry large containers on their backs to store their water, allowing them to perform more powerful attacks without fearing that they will run out of water. Hydrokinesis can also be used to create an elemental weapon. Where earth magic is used to create blunt weapons, however, water magic is used to create one-handed sharp weapons, like swords and daggers.

Healing magic is the most common use for water magic. The limits of what you can physically heal with Healing magic depends solely on the casters knowledge of the human body. Healing is as much a science as it is magic. There are some wounds that can be easily healed, like shallow cuts and bruises, and others that require more extensive knowledge, such as burns and broken bones. The most efficient use of mana, in relation to healing magic, is the ability to enhance the healing properties of plants. What would be a minor treatment becomes a cure for major illness.

Blood magic is a largely forbidden type of magic. It is illegal to use blood magic in almost scenario that is not medical, and while it's not greatly regulated at the time of Twin Mages, in the future it will be regulated by a medical law that forbids the practice of blood magic without a license.

Keep an eye out for more teaser posts and the release of The Life Mage Trilogy, Book 1: Twin Mages on February 8th 2020.