Previously, in the Noble Mages teaser series, we learned about Water Magic, its uses and its limitations. Today, we're going to delve into Air Magic. Air magic is one of the 5 elemental magics in the Noble Mages verse, the others being Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Air magic is more pacifistic in nature, and people who are born with Air Magic tend to be less aggressive.

Air Magic is divided into three subbranches of magic: Aerokinesis, Teleportation, and Illusion.

Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate the air. More specifically, for those versed in the science behind Aerokinesis, they manipulate the oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create the effects they desire. While Air mages are commonly pacifistic, it's not unheard of for air magic to be used in combat, and when it is, Aerokinesis is the branch of magic they use. Unlike most of the other elements, Air Magic cannot create an elemental weapon. It can, however, be used to enhance a weapon via enchantment or by making the weapon sharper and able to cleave through just about anything. But Aerokinesis is not only used for combat, there is no end to its uses in everyday life. From the miracle of flight to simply running faster and longer, Aerokinesis has a whole host of valuable enchantments.

Teleportation is a magic that little is known about. Even in modern days, scientists and mages alike have no idea how or why it works, only that it does. This branch of magic is exactly what it sounds like, the ability to travel long distances in the blink of an eye. It does, however, have limitations. While mages can teleport almost anywhere, it must be somewhere that they have been before and can picture clearly. Also, the greater the distance, the greater the cost in mana. There are career teleport mages who will travel the world so they can teleport clients anywhere they want to go, for a substantial fee.

Illusion magic works by manipulating the density of the air to refract light into the shape necessary to form an illusion. A valuable magic, Illusionists can create highly realistic illusions that fool the targets brain into seeing whatever the mage wants them to see. This can range from rendering a person invisible to highly realistic combat simulations. In some places in the world, illusionists are valued as entertainment. They can perform an entire full-cast play all on their own.

Keep an eye out for more teaser posts and the release of The Life Mage Trilogy, Book 1: Twin Mages on February 8th 2020.