Previously in the Noble Mages Teaser series, we've covered Earth, Water, and Air Magic. Today we're moving on to Fire Magic. Fire Magic is one of the 5 elemental magics, the only one left to cover after this is Spirit Magic. Fire Magic is the most temperamental of the 5 elements, and also the most misunderstood. Many believe fire to be the element of destruction, burning everything to ashes. But fire is the spark of life, and the element of creation. When a volcano destroys a forest, a new forest, a stronger forest, grows from the ashes. Those born with Fire Magic tend to be as temperamental as their element.

Fire Magic is divided into three subbranches of magic: Pyrokinesis, Thermal, and Transmutation.

Pyrokinesis is the stereotype of Fire Magic, it is death and destruction via direct manipulation of fire. It is the form of Fire Magic that is most commonly used in combat. Pyrokinesis can be used to create elemental weapons, and is typically used to create ranged weapons such as spears and arrows, but also makes a good short sword or dagger. Fire weapons will instantly cauterize any wound they inflict, making it difficult to heal, even with healing magic.

Thermal magic is the ability to manipulate the temperature of any object. It is used most commonly for enchantments and cooking. At the time of the Life Mage Trilogy, Thermal mages will enchant bits of paper and wrap meat in them. The meat stays cold while wrpped, but when the seal is cracked the meat will heat up to be perfectly cooked based on personal preference.

Transmutation magic is a creation magic, able to to turn any element into another. It is a powerful magic, but comes at great cost of mana. The greater the difference between the elements, and the more that is being transmuted, the more mana it costs. It is a magic most commonly used in combination with other mages, creating an element necessary for another mages magic.

Keep an eye out for more teaser posts and the release of The Life Mage Trilogy, Book 1: Twin Mages on February 8th 2020.