January is coming to a close, there are only two teaser posts remaining after today. We've covered all but one of the elemental magics in the Noble Mages verse. Today we'll learn about Spirit Magic. Spirit Magic is the exception that proves the rule in many scenarios. It is the only elemental magic that contains passive abilities, meaning they don't require an incantation or mana. In such a passive state, however, the abilities are weakened. The use of mana and an incantation can strengthen these abilities. Those born with spirit magic tend to be more empathetic.

It's important to note, before we get into what spirit magic is, the difference between a soul and a spirit. A soul is the purest essence of humanity, containing a small piece of divinity. A spirit is the consciousness of a living or dead creature. Only a human may possess a soul, but humans and animals alike possess a spirit.

Spirit Magic is divided into three subbranches of magic: Mind, Soul, and Wild.

Mind Magic is the most passive of any type of magic. When there are no magical barriers in the way, a Mind Mage can read a persons thoughts, but only those on the surface. There are many uses for mind magic that do require mana and incantations, and even the most passive of magics can be enhanced through the use of mana and incantation. Mind Magic, much like Blood Magic, is heavily restricted. It is illegal to manipulate a persons mind or emotions without their express permission. Mind Magic is most commonly used in combat to relay orders and ensure the entire squad/platoon/army is working in concert. It's also used in the medical field to help those with traumatic experiences.

Soul Magic is often considered the weakest form of magic because the direction manipulation of a living soul is, in most cases, nearly impossible. To manipulate a soul requires the protection around the soul to be rendered null, either by obtaining the persons permission of their own free will or by carefully stripping the protections until the soul is bare. Soul Magic does have a use, however, in summoning the spirits of the deceased and tracking the reincarnated lineage of a soul.

Wild Magic is the most common form of magic for a Spirit mage in combat. Wild Magic allows the caster to summon the spirit of an animal to accomplish a task. In combat, this magic is used to enhance the abilities and physical attributes of a soldier based on the animal summoned. It's also commonly used in combination with golems, as animal spirits are more easily controlled than human souls or even human spirits.

Keep an eye out for more teaser posts and the release of The Life Mage Trilogy, Book 1: Twin Mages on February 8th 2020.

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