For the past 3 weeks we've been talking about the different elemental magics found in the Noble Mages verse. Today we'll be shifting gears. There are two types of magic that are not among the elemental magics: Life Magic and Death Magic. Life Magic is the culmination of all elemental magic and is the rarest form of magic. Death Magic is the darkest form of magic, requiring a human sacrifice to power it. These two magics are the most powerful of magics and often are the cause of an imbalance in Nature and Magic.

Life Magic is the culmination of the 5 elements: Earth forms the body, water is the blood, air is the breath, fire is the spark of life, and spirit is the soul. Life Magic is the rarest form of magic because it is used by Nature as a balancing force. Whenever the balance of magic is threatened, Life mages are called to restore that balance. But it's a double edged sword, because just as Life mages restore the balance, they are also throwing the balance off.

Death Magic is a more common form of magic than Life Magic, but it's also 100% illegal and severely punished by every government across the world. Death Magic is a vile sorcery that anybody can use regardless of their elemental predilection. When a person dies, two things happen: The first is that their soul leaves their body and enters the ethereal plane, the second is that their mana is returned into nature where it is recycled into the mana chain. A Death mages performs magic by killing a person and then using arcane symbols (shown in the image above) they trap that persons soul and their mana inside the symbol, converting it all into mana that the caster can then use to perform the elemental magic the person was capable of in life.

The punishment for the use of Death Magic is worse than death. Because Death Magic leaves a stain on the casters soul, it is considered too risky to kill the person, as they may reincarnate and return to using their dark magic. As punishment for their crime, their soul is separated from their body and trapped inside a soul container. The container and their body are then buried far from one another in unmarked graves that they may never be reunited.

Death mages are usually kept in check by their local governments, but in the rare case that a Death mage manages to obtain an obscene amount of power, Life mages may be called to repair the damage and rebalance Magic. For this reason, the two magics are diametrically opposed. It is worth noting that Death mages are not the only way for magic to be thrown out of balance, there are many threats that can occur to bring too much power into an area.

Keep an eye out for the last teaser post on Thursday, January 30th and the release of The Life Mage Trilogy, Book 1: Twin Mages on February 8th, 2020.